Sunday, August 12, 2012

We're all slightly mad...

Let the journey begin.  Keep in mind I'm not a fabulous writer.  My only hope is I will get better as work towards living life off center.

    I have spent 35  years of my life trying very hard and failing very often to be like everyone else.  Tonight I sat with my husband by a very small lake and declared that I was no longer going to try to be like everyone else.  Why should I?  I have ADHD so my brain has never worked like everyone else.  Not only that but I'm a women with ADHD.  I tried to do things like everyone but when I stopped and well meandered and wandered to the beat of my own drum I found I got where I wanted to go just in a very different way.  I need to start doing this again.  I can't be my mother or father.  I can't be like the rest of the world so I need to stop trying.  

   I have been married for 13 years a feat unto its self so were not overly normal there.  I have two children and 1 step child all girls again not the norm.  One of the girls has ADHD and Aspergers/Autism again not the norm (more prevalent in boys).  I lived in Australia for exactly one year.  I'm afraid of my neighbor ( I was always odd).  I love LOVE chickens, Science Fiction yup I'm a geek, I suck at disciplining my kids.  I LOVE Doctor Who.  I love to read.  I could go on and I will later.

    So why have dragged you all here?  I just wanted to know if you wanted to join me in this very freeing statement?  Live Life Off  Center.  Stop trying to live up to what you think you should be because your not going to make it soooo come at it off center, off kilter and be slightly mad.

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  1. What is "normal" anyway? I think most of us have challenges and, those inner negative voices that tell us we are not good enough. The issue for me has always been my weight. Why can't I control my eating and why can't I stick to an exercise routine? I have no idea and I am now 62. But I also know now that I am not a bad, crazy or lazy person. I have some issues with which I struggle, but I have also been a productive, caring, human being. Not bad for a life evaluation! Hang in there Morgan. Don't let anyone put you down, especially yourself!