Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parenting off center

I often look at my kids and think where the hell did I go wrong?  They fight most of their time together.  Sometimes I just stammer when trying to discipline them.  Saying "what made you think that was a good idea?"  I'm pretty sure they don't know why they do half the things they do.  I think children live on base guttural instincts.  I want, I take.  Most of the time what they want is my time, my space or my brain power.  I liken them to leaches sucking me dry.  Let me set the record straight I LOVE my children more then anything in the world.  I would do anything for them but I do need a shred of dignity right?

    So how do I discipline off center?  I have NO idea do you?  So how will I get there?  Right now I'm trying to dump everything I have learned and then pick and wade through the mess.  What really works and what have I been told works but is a great big lie that will never work in my life! 

   So today I being sifting gently through the carnage in hopes that somewhere I have learned or created a parenting tactic that works 50% off the time.  I'm a realist if I hit 50% I will pat myself on the back and you should too!

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